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ICE (I-ON Digital Experience Platform)

ICE (I-ON Content Ecosystem)

ICE, I-ON's DXP, is an advanced platform that addresses the SO's various needs and manages a whole content life-cycle covering creation, registration, distribution, deletion, billing, statistics. Based on the distributed integrated modular system, it offers the optimized services for N-Screen environment such as adaptive streaming, seamless playback between devices, template-based web publishing, responsive web, UI and more. As a Multi-tenant service, it is designed for multiple SOs to provide their own service on a single platform, which in turn creates more value for B2B2C.


Easy management and operation

Easy data calculation of respective or all SOs on workspace creation, UI application and renewal, template based management system, traffic / viewing statistics / hit contents and more.

Various service types

Live broadcast channels, VOD, NVOD (SO's own channel services), additional services (Mash-up service) and more.

Optimized for the N-Screen environment

Supports adaptive streaming, seamless playback, template based web publishing services, responsive web / UI.

Comprehensive modular distributed processing

Distributed processing by modularization(Cacheable, Shared, & Functional), API Cluster for modular distributed processing, double-cache(Cacheable Service, API Local Cache) and more.

Highly featured distribution system

Highly featured distribution system to deal with customers' requirements on content life-cycles including content registration / management / creation / distribution / deletion / billing / statistics


Independent service and management room, alternative on content, UI, products modeling, price and exposure policies by the tenant


Offered as a privately closed mall platform for corporations

An online shopping mall platform with limited membership

We provide small and medium sized closed shopping mall using company exclusive e-commerce.


Inter-operable I/F between both internal / external system and modules

Interoperate with PG/Billing models suitable for each service and provide interface by content / service

Unlimited Product Management

Mapping billing rules on content registration makes it possible to create automatic products, packaged products and to offer event/promotion, schedule management, service distribution

Workflow Management

Workflow creation by CP with settings on content types and processes

Setting-based System

Respective system of CPs by content type / property / workflow settings and automatic API creation customized for each service scale

Flexible CMS

Modeling by content type / property and automatic content aggregation / distribution with information input on rules of aggregation / distribution / conversion

Distribution Engine for security

Automatic operation tool to lighten workload and enhance productivity in a rigorous quality control of commercial service

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