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WIDSIGN (Electronic Signature Solution)

Materialize a paperless office by making all the traditional business processes from consulting, contracting, promotion to data entry available in mobile devices. Speed up the work process, boost sales and go green all at the same time.



Integrate with any system essential for mobile businesses such as mobile catalogue, simulator, SFA (Sales Force Automation) and mobile contract system. It supports over 200 APIs based on the distributed repository service for data integration.

Expedite business process

Resolve the tedious traditional process associated with paper documents (manual data entry, copy ID card, send by facsimiles, storage, etc.) with just one Tablet PC.

Simple and straightforward

Easy to compose an electronic application from a tablet PC once the application is scanned and created using the visual form generator. Documents can also be upgraded to a high-resolution with Vector File.


Introduced electronic signature solution for contract management of merchants

An example introduction of an e.Form-based electronic signature solution

At the franchise agency headquarters, we have changed the way we send and receive many contract documents online via email or SMS, reducing paper usage and providing an online electronic signature solution that does not require you to visit for a direct contract.


Personal Information protection

No more leak of personal information, confidentiality ensured when sending the form to the server.

Overcome network dependence

Save the form temporarily when there is no network service and send later to the server. If transmission to the server fails, the form is saved automatically in device’s temporary box.

Non-repudiation functions

Increase work efficiency through non-repudiation function of attached file (picture, images, record, etc.) of the contractor.

Optimized server governance

Form modifications done on the server are applied immediately on all devices without updating.

Operate without a DB

Operate without common DB and interwork with common integrated DB depending on customer inquiry through the International Standard Repository JCR technique.

Support Web standards

Support various browsers (IE, Chrome, etc.), servers, customer OS (Window, Linux, etc.) and devices (PC, Mobile, etc.).

Provide various control keys

Easy form creation/modification through diverse control keys needed when generating form. Control box, check box, combo box, sign, calculator, video, image controls, etc, are provided.

Visual form generator

Visual Form Generator handles unstructured data like image file by using WYSIWYG editor with RIA (Rich Internet application) technology. Placing control box to design the form doesn’t require any additional development.

Additional management of catalogs and forms

The manager has full control (add/modify/delete) on catalogs and application after registering digital files on the server. This application is based on image format, not PDF/XML format.


Case Studies

Projects & comments made by customers using this product.




A korea's leading products company Namyang has approx. 3K affiliates and customers throughout the nation...




Company working with agencies, franchises spend significant time and money on visiting every partner to get contracts signed...


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