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VoiceBall (The Thrill of Real Sports)

Amateur Baseball League Umpires & Data Service VoiceBall brings a whole new level of fun and game data management into the world of amateur baseball leagues.


Boost attendance rates

You've seen many times games were cancelled due to low registration. Leverage an integrated registration site to know who is comming and to maximize participation.

Receive Smarter scheduling

Apply for your desired positions with ease. Fully booked? No worries. VoiceBall will notify you of the position availability when someone cancels.

Feel completely involved

Do you know what makes it fun when playing baseball? Dynamic sounds from voice referees will take you to an even greater level of thrill and fun.

Become Intuitive with Stats

Game registration status just at a glance. Intuitive and smarter registration processes with position availability notification and links sharing.

Have Fun with Voice Referees

Real-time sound effects allows you to have more fun and concentrate on the game in a more dynamic and immersive environment.

Get Smart with Digital Scorebooks

Say goodbye to paper and get smart! Digital scorebooks in real time. Leverage data by the game and player to get useful insights.


Data that matters

VoiceBall data management features will give you great insights on every game and player on demand, in real time.

Invite more people

Share the link you get from the registration page to better promote and invite more people.

Make changes on the go

The web service based VoiceBall enables you to register or cancel anywhere, anytime, and from whatever device you're on.

Contents of your choice

Search by league type, schedule, position and many more with ease and boost participation and many more with ease.

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