16 Apr, 2014

SW Future Forum: “Software is not a service but an object of purchase”

Software should be recognized as an object of purchase and not a service, in order to revitalize the domestic Software Industry according to the CEO of I-ON Communications, Jaecheol OH. The SW industry should evolve itself and provide efforts to change perception about IT developers. During the ‘SW Future Forum’ held at I-ON Communicati...

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15 Apr, 2014

The Ultimate debate: ‘Save the Korean SW’ 2014

The Ultimate debate: ‘Save the Korean SW’ 2014 ‘The Ultimate debate’ aiming to save the Korean SW industry took place on April 12th at Gangnam Startup Alliance Center. Starting from 2p.m, participants had passionate discussion during 6 hours. Dr. Byung-ho SONG, professor of Sangmyung university, Mr. Sang-bum ROH, CEO of OK JSP, Mr. Jaecheol OH, CEO...

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02 Apr, 2014

[Future Forum] Three solutions to save SW ecosystem

The government believes that Software (SW) industry’s problem stems from SW Ecosystem’s vicious circle. Many agree with that judgment. SW Ecosystem’s vicious circle repeats the following process: Lack of qualified human resource and low market value recognition (service, subcontract-based market structure) →weakened corporate...

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29 Jan, 2013

I-ON Communications, development in Indonesian market

I-ON Communications is developing well in the Indonesian market. “IONSoft”, our branch is Indonesia, is representing the entire IT outsourcing in eTrading Securities, 1st online securities company in Indonesia, by providing Mobile Trading System (hereinafter,” MTS”), Web Content Management System (WCM), etc. and cartoon-base...

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