18 Aug, 2017

[News] Corporates offering long-term vacation to its employees

Refreshing boosts work efficiency

by YTN, 14 August, 2017

Long-term vacation and trainings are being introduced among large-sized companies to improve corporate culture. It is a strategy to increase work productivity by giving employees opportunitiesto unwind and recharge themselves.

However, it still seems like a pie-in-the-sky dream to small and medium sized companies that lack human resources and capacity. 

Gong Rayeon who has been at work for five years as an assistant manager of Doosan Infracore Co., Ltd. ( is planning on a 10-day long summer vacation with her friend this year following last year. Thanks to the ‘intensive vacation system’ the company enforced six years ago, employees can take a vacation for up to two weeks. 

She said,  "You can relieve work stress and fatigue by going on a long enough vacation and then after you resume work, you can concentrate more on your work with happy."

Recently, more and more companies are introducing long-term vacations to improve their corporate culture. It is sort of a strategy to increase creativity and work productivity by giving employees an opportunity to refresh.

As of this year, SK ( has introduced such system and the employee can take up to three-week long vacation including the existing leaves and annual / monthly leaves.

Samsung Electronics ( employees who apply for can take a year off and employees at CJ ( group can take 6 months off  if they submit a vacation plan in advance.

Hwang Mijung, corporate culture team manager of KCCI ( said "There is a growing awareness that employees should be guaranteed the right to rest in terms of enhancing their productivity and competitiveness."

This long-term vacation system is spreading to SMB and startup companies.

As an enterprise content management company, I-ON Communications supports 15-day long paid leave and vacation bonus for tis employees with 3years + tenure. But there has been challenges until such system was settled down. 

Kee Hoigyu, head of the sales & marketing division of I-ON Communications Co., Ltd. ( said "It is difficult to replace work when employees go on a long vacation because we have a high dependency on the individual employee and do not have the environment in where we can support the work on behalf of the person in charge."

Under these circumstances, only 3% of 
SMB employees are enjoying a long-term holiday, which is far less employees of SMBs have the benefit than ones of public organizations and large corporations.

Therefore, the industry experts advise that in order to address the problem of 'polarization of employee vacations' it is necessary that SMBs expand and enforce the vacation bonus system for their employees. 
And most importantly, they emphasize that it is a corporate culture that allows employees to spend their holidays when they want to. 


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