16 Apr, 2014

SW Future Forum: “Software is not a service but an object of purchase”

Software should be recognized as an object of purchase and not a service, in order to revitalize the domestic Software Industry according to the CEO of I-ON Communications, Jaecheol OH. The SW industry should evolve itself and provide efforts to change perception about IT developers.

During the ‘SW Future Forum’ held at I-ON Communications Education Center on April 14, Mr. Jaecheol OH stated that “Our society perceives Software development as a service delivery.”, he said: “SW developers creativity is not awarded properly”-meaning that SW developers’ work is considered as simple labor and its value is often underestimated. He also pointed out that “Copying SW do not undermine its value and people are still used to take software for free”. “It is absolutely necessary to change the general mindset and take software as an object of purchase”.

He believes SW developer’s creativity should be widely recognized and fundamental evolution of SW industry must be implemented. Mr. OH said: “The vicious circle of SW industry ecosystem won’t change overnight”, “the industry itself should cooperate to work out on long-term action”. He added: “Active participation is important to prompt change of perception and better treatment of developers’ work, such as campaigns, promotions, etc.”

The CEO of BI Matrix, Mr. Young-geun BAE, president of the Forum also highlighted the problem that “Some developers still rely on customers’ requests to carry out the project and do not take the lead.”, “In fact they impede themselves to overcome the subordinate relationship”. Mr. BAE called for change: “SW developers should enhance the communication skill and establish creative and independent development culture.”