29 Jan, 2013

I-ON Communications, development in Indonesian market

I-ON Communications is developing well in the Indonesian market.
“IONSoft”, our branch is Indonesia, is representing the entire IT outsourcing in eTrading Securities, 1st online securities company in Indonesia, by providing Mobile Trading System (hereinafter,” MTS”), Web Content Management System (WCM), etc. and cartoon-based chatting application.

MTS is developed by a system enabling trading activity with smartphone or feature phone. It supports HTS (Home Trading System) functions (stock market, information, event, major market price, etc.) through cellphone and real time stock price information.

Plus, IONSoft brought IYAA Messenger, application using the cartoon-based chatting application in Indonesia portal “”.
IONSoft is also diffusing WCM (I-ON Content Server and I-ON Content Search Search) and Nitmus.Inc’s Ad Server into Indonesia Internet Portal “”.

Kim Hong-rae, IONSoft representative said “IONSoft products have been localized in South-East Asia through Indonesia.” and “We will devote ourselves to amplify on-site references to promote product’s excellence”.