21 Jun, 2022

I-ON Communications acquired certification plaque in ‘Sports Industry Leading Company Fostering Program’.

I-ON Communications Co., Ltd. (“I-ON”), an expert in unstructured data management, Sports Tech industry leader in Korea and emerging player on the global scene, has acquired certification in ‘Sports Industry Leading Company Fostering Program’ supervised by Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (“MCST”) and Korea Sports Promotion Foundation (“KSPO”)




The program provides customized support such as overseas market development and marketing for up to three years. However, it only selected six domestic sports companies as potential participants to lead the overseas sports industry, and I-ON was the one and only company in information technology(“IT”) field to be selected.


The company has received support through 2019 to 2021 and as a result, made a foray into the  USA Sports Tech market with its Sports Data Platform in 2021 despite of covid-19 pandemic situation.

On April 22nd, the commendation ceremony for the program was held in the sports promotion support center in Seoul, South Korea. I-ON and other five companies attended the ceremony and discussed the direction of support for the sports industry after the covid-19.

In addition, I-ON was awarded with a certificate plaque by the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism (“MCST”) at the ceremony.



After the event, Jeff Ahn, Head of Event Tech Department at I-ON Communications stated that “ I-ON Sports Team has worked really hard to promote Flexer (‘I-ON Sports Platform”) overseas, so please keep an eye on the progress Flexer will accomplish.”