10 Jun, 2021

The Next Normal: Evolvement of Artificial Intelligence

Many of us are used to living with artificial intelligence now, however the evolution of AI is continuously growing and rapidly transforming our lives. 

Artificial Intelligence now takes a huge place in our daily routine. Asking Google what the temperature is or to turn off the lights is a key example in how AI is embedded in our routine. Many of us are living in the world of AI where commonly-used apps such as Netflix or Spotify are using AI to learn your preferences and feed you the content you desire.


As technology is advancing, the world of Artificial Intelligence is evolving tremendously. Some eye-catching examples include: 

1. AI tutoring systems: This upcoming system will consist of collected data that can track student behavior, predict their performance and deliver strategies to improve their performance.This will portray a personalized education available through an Internet-connected device. 

2. Writing software: Artificial Intelligence is now slowly developing to a point where it can automate the writing of software tests which is a task that takes up a great amount of time for developers’.

3. 24/7 Service: Artificial Intelligence is evolving as they are able to provide 24/7 customer service through chatbots and initiate robot-enabled conversation for all-round customer engagement. Although there is more development needed in this aspect, the progression is exceptional in the way it’s able to understand human questions. 

4. Experimenting with Music: Artificial intelligence is evolving towards being able to blend different styles of music into new compositions. This development is allowing start-ups to experiment more with AI-generated background music for podcasts and video games. 

Although there are beneficial developments regarding Artificial Intelligence, we shouldn’t neglect the possible concerns AI has.

Two potential examples would include: 

1. Privacy: The usage of AI could affect privacy and security issues such as hacking technical machines or breaching physical security such as weaponizing consumer drones. Not only that, but the data we layout on the Internet could potentially be hacked and intervade our privacy. ‘Deep Fakes’ are a prime example of invading one's privacy by creating an audio and video similar to a known figure, to the point where one could be fooled. 

2. Ability to Handle the Unknown Outcome: AI models are programmed and developed to understand and learn what they’re assigned to. However, it takes immense amounts of practice and time to fully develop an AI that is able to handle the unknown. For example, self-driving cars still have difficulty distinguishing faded lines when approaching an old road. This causes the AI to improvise out of the underlying data they are programmed to which can cause safety problems when driving the autonomous car. 

Through the gradual development of Artificial Intelligence, many are working on evolving AI into the largest and most powerful machine-learning models that will be integrated into our lives. However, it is important to realize the potential concerns AI brings to us at the same time. Our future ahead will only look promising if we find a fair balance between human duties and AI responsibilities.