03 Jun, 2021

The Big Deal in Digital Innovation

What is Metaverse?

Metaverse is a concept that can be described as a combination of physical and virtual reality. Users can experience a virtual space where the physical world links with the virtual world. They can share experiences and interact in real-time within virtual scenarios.

The Importance of 5G in Metaverse

5G is an important aspect of metaverse because of its fast speed and data capacity which is essential in making digital worlds function. Making fully interactive 3D metaverses with high-quality video and sounds require a fast-paced system in which 5G can handle. In order to support metaverse, the 5G used will need to be capable of running software beyond what we already have now.

Starting Point: Gaming Platforms

To start this uprising concept, metaverse, Epic Games, organized virtual concerts with millions of users participating in these events. This proved that virtual reality could attract numerous people who are looking for new ways to enjoy entertainment, especially in this pandemic. Through these events, social media-blended gaming platforms, such as Facebook, are joining Epic Games in developing more creative ways to incorporate metaverse. 

Metaverse within Enterprise 

In order to influence metaverse development, it’s crucial for businesses to explore metaverse and show their technological capabilities. BMW, for example, aims to create a digital representation of a physical product or system where they are producing new modifications and adjustments. Moreover, Microsoft Mesh, a mixed reality, cloud-based meeting application is under-development for metaverse where their main idea is to teleport a person digitally to a remote location. Through businesses developing their metaverse areas, marketing also follows where not only will there be metaverse advertisements on virtual billboards but there’ll be interaction amongst consumers in 3D form as well.

Future of Metaverse

As metaverse is a gradual shift in society today, we expect this concept to exceed our wildest imaginations and foster better opportunities and experiences for the future. From physical to virtual, we may be able to connect on all levels beyond our expectation.