13 May, 2021

[Column] How is the Tech Industry Contributing to Vaccination Statuses?

As Covid-19 Vaccinations are gradually spreading worldwide, the tech industry is contributing to this matter by helping consumers demonstrate their vaccination status. 

Companies such as Oracle Corporation and Microsoft are cooperating with health facilities to help show vaccination records of those who already got the Covid-19 vaccine.


Tech companies play a significant role in helping society recover from Covid-19 because it is important for people to demonstrate their vaccination status in order to have smoother travelling processes and safe working life.  

Through the help of tech companies such as Oracle, those who do not have smartphones that can receive printouts of their vaccination status will have digital access to records using software standards. 

It is important to make vaccination statuses as easy as online banking or reserving appointments because the vaccine is slowly approaching many people nowadays. It is great to see the tech industry put in efforts on multiple levels in helping with managing vaccine statuses all around the world. 

As part of the tech industry, I-ON Communications is pleased to see the industry’s efforts in helping vaccination statuses be easily available for smoother check processes for all. Through these efforts, I-ON hopes the pandemic will clear up quickly.