09 Apr, 2021

Why You Should Work At I-ON

I-ON Communications Co., Ltd. (“I-ON” or "Company”), an expert in developing enterprise-level unstructured data management software and digital solution leader in the region (CEO Jae-cheol Oh, is growing into a global software company. 

I-ON offers solutions and services in a wide range of areas including e-commerce, energy ICT, Sport ICT, and electronic signature solution. 

I-ON has a clear goal of ensuring their core values of:

► supporting one’s personal capabilities 

► encouraging good relationships with coworkers and clients

► being a client-based software technology company 

► having an independent and responsible work culture

► going global

I-ON creates a new corporate culture by including annual leave, work from home, business trips abroad and many more. Not only do we provide these services but we also value the necessary leisure time that is required of our employees. I-ON provides massage sessions, beer, snacks, bean bags to rest and a rooftop for occasional barbeque parties.  We are continuing to develop a work-friendly culture based on independence and responsibility in order to allow our employees to develop their skills with maximum efficiency. 

With these tremendous benefits towards employees, I-ON hopes to become a software company that is beyond expectations. I-ON hopes to accomplish the vision of becoming a ‘Global Top 100 Software Company’ and YOU can help make this happen! 

By joining I-ON Communications, you will be able to improve your abilities, challenge yourself and create memorable relationships with coworkers and clients in a welcoming environment.