31 Jul, 2020

[News] I-ON Communications participates in online business events with Japanese and Southwest Asian companies

I-ON Communications, (“I-ON”, “Company”), expert in unstructured data management, digital solutions leader in the region, and developer of Korea’s first electronic signature service eForm, has participated in Online Korea-Japan IT Business Exchange and Online Product Exhibition for the Southwest Asian market.

Around 40 companies from Japan, and 30 companies from Korea, participated in Korea-Japan IT Business Exchange, an online event hosted by Korea International Trade Association (“KITA”), Japan Information Engineering Trade (“JIET”), and Korea Software Industry Association (“KOSA”). The purpose of this online business event was to connect Japanese companies interested in Korean innovative BigData, IoT and AI solution providers, and encourage IT collaboration between two countries.

The event consisted of an online presentation and business meetings. On July 7, Korean companies had the chance to introduce their solutions through an online presentation to the participating companies and answer the questions during the Q&A session, after which on July 22, 1:1 online meetings were held between the matched Korean and Japanese companies.

From late June until mid-July, I-ON participated in another online event, Product Exhibition for the Southwest Asian market, which was organized by KOTRA, a trade and investment promotion organization under the Government of South Korea, in order to build a bridge between 100 domestic and Southwest Asian companies, by providing a space for promotion of domestic “post-Covid” technologies and products. I-ON was selected by KOTRA to participate in this exhibition, and presented its electronic signature solution eForm, Digital Experience Platform (“DXP”) ICE, and Sports Data Platform, from its wide spectrum of ICT offerings.

eForm is an e-signature service that digitizes documentation process and makes signing and approving documents an easy and quick task that can be done from anywhere, at any time. ICE is a platform that supports ecommerce website content and ensures smooth customer journey. Sports Data Platform collects and analyzes sports game and player data and provides valuable insights that helps players improve their performance.

During the last couple of months due to the coronavirus pandemic and more people looking for a solution that will help them work remotely, eForm is especially attracting a lot of users and partners from all over the world. Since the Company is also offering both open and customized API to its corporate eForm clients, I-ON e-signature solution captured the attention of the Japanese and Southwest Asian corporates. Following the pandemic and increase in businesses moving their stores online, the ecommerce market is growing. I-ON DXP attracted a lot of interest from overseas companies as a solution that can support digital experience of any online store and help the online business owners optimize their digital marketing.

“With 20 years of experience in data management, we offer reliable ICT solutions. Our eForm is leading the Korean market as a choice of more than 10,000 corporate clients, and through Korea-Japan IT Business Exchange and Online Product Exhibition for Southwest Asia market, we managed to start discussion about partnership with various foreign companies interested in our e-signature solution and other ICT products,” said Bruce S. Lee, Head of International at I-ON Communications. “We already have a branch in Japan and are expecting a smooth collaboration in the ICT field there, and at the same time feel very excited about entering Southwest Asia and forming new partnerships in that region”.