12 Jun, 2020

[News] I-ON participates in 1:1 online business meetings with overseas buyers and investors

Last month, from May 25 to 29, I-ON Communications (“I-ON” or “Company”) participated in online business meetings with overseas VC, CVC and buyers.

The online business event was organized by KOTRA, a trade and investment promotion organization funded and operated by the South Korea government, in efforts to connect Korean startups with investors and buyers from Europe, USA and Asian countries, interested in innovative technology. This “Startup - VC·CVC / Buyer 1:1 Business Video Conference” was also one of the countermeasures against coronavirus pandemic that made international business trips more difficult, and lowered the chances of connecting to important players in the industry. Korean startups were able to explore investment opportunities with venture capital and corporate venture capital investors, get insights about the startup environment in various countries, and meet overseas buyers.

I-ON got selected by KOTRA to participate in this online event and had the chance to meet and discuss mutually beneficial collaboration with investors and companies from the USA, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Singapore and India. During this 5 day long event, the Company was matched with IT companies as well and started discussion about cooperation, joint R&D projects and other partnership opportunities.

“I-ON is deeply committed to making the best out of the current situation by concentrating on online business meetings and seminars. We are creating meaningful connections, preparing for further overseas expansion and, once the pandemic eases, we’ll be ready to take action right away,” said Bruce S. Lee, Head of International at I-ON Communications.