15 May, 2020

[News] eForm - the optimal solution for remote work

I-ON Communications, (“I-ON”, “Company”), expert in unstructured data management and digital solutions leader in the region, has announced major updates of eForm, Korea’s first electronic signature service and No.1 solution in the Korean e-signature market, which include improved service stability and upgraded features.

Recent rise in the number of people working remotely contributed to a high demand for electronic processing of documents, which led to the increased traffic on eForm service. Just in the last month, the number of website visitors increased by 74% and the number of service users by 41%.

“eForm supports online processing of not only 1:1 contracts, but also multi-party contracts, field reports, applications, consent forms etc., which is why it can be used in diverse industries such as legal, banking, construction, medical, manufacturing, finance, distribution, lodging, food, service industry etc. Since the range of eForm users is so wide, we have updated the service with new features that are essential and useful for all of our corporate customers, as well as individual users of eForm,” said Rex Yu, Director of Service Platform Division at I-ON Communications.

After the updates, eForm service will allow: uploading of various document formats which will make contract making and signing faster;  SNS sign up/sign in process which will get rid of manually entering the user data, document DNA encryption to ensure the authenticity of each document signed with eForm, and many more additions for improved service stability and user experience. These features will be available starting from June, and there are more updates scheduled for roll out in the second part of 2020, which will include whatsapp notifications and other new functionalities.

eForm is chosen by around 10,000 companies globally and with the recent updates, continues to dominate the e-signature market in Korea. As our global eForm business is expanding, we are inviting partners from all over the world who want to grow their business with eForm.
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