11 Mar, 2020

[News] I-ON Communications releases Asset Cube

I-ON Communications Co., Ltd. (“I-ON”, “Company”), expert in unstructured data management, digital solutions leader in the region and developer of Korea’s first Web Content Management System ICS, has announced on March 10 a release of Asset Cube, an upgraded version of its existing digital asset management system IDAS.

(I-ON’s Digital Asset Management System Asset Cube)

I-ON’s Digital Asset Management System provides a frame to systematically collect, manage and distribute company’s digital content. With its upgraded system Asset Cube that offers fast content registration and sharing, the company can internally increase the access and usability of its contents.

Compared to the previous version IDAS, Asset Cube delivers some new features such as automatic meta-data extraction, asset conversion by type and, depending on the purpose of the registered asset, it also offers space for individual content/ public content/ collections, etc. Content uploading process shows stability and convenience through the partitioning method, and with automated metadata and tags, this digital asset management system can help company’s employees reduce their time spent searching for a digital content, or help diversify the content search environment which will in turn prevent content duplicates and enhance work productivity.

20 years of experience in content management and industry know-how reinforced by several successful use cases gave Asset Cube a competitive edge. With Asset Cube’s previous version IDAS, the Company has successfully managed digital assets of numerous companies and establishments, including public institutions, museums, travel agencies and companies in the distribution industry. This led to the release of advanced Asset Cube, now offering improved features and processes for managing enterprise content.

"We have developed Korea’s first WCM (Web Content Management System) called ICS and, based on that, we have been developing solutions such as IDAS for the past 20 years," said James Oh, I-ON Communications CEO. "This upgrade from IDAS to Asset Cube is a response to ever-changing and evolving needs of our customers, as well as the accelerating society we live in."

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