23 Jan, 2020

[News] Volunteering with I-ON

I-ON Communications Co., Ltd. (“I-ON”, “Company”), an expert in unstructured data management and digital solution market leader in the region, has participated in a corporate volunteering for the less fortunate on January 18, 2020.

I-ON organized a volunteering activity and the response was phenomenal! Numerous IONins have signed up for the activity willing to help those in need. The Company employees and their family members have joined hands and helped deliver coal briquettes to the less fortunate households where there is no heat in the cold winter weather. The volunteering took place on January 18, a very cold winter day, but with joint forces and smiles on their faces, IONins managed to complete the task and deliver over 1200 coal briquettes to homes outside of Seoul with a heating issue.

“This was a great idea!” said one employee during the activity. “I wish we had a chance to volunteer together more often as working on a certain goal or a mission brings our members closer and we also are doing a noble thing”.

“I hope that, even though short, this “Coal Briquette” volunteering by our employees helped in some way to the elderly and disabled in this cold Korean winter. Whenever there’s a chance, I-ON will be there to help those in need in any way we can,” said James Oh, I-ON Communications’ CEO.