17 Jan, 2020

[News] I-ON Communications presents eForm global expansion case

On January 17, I-ON Communications, (hereafter “I-ON”, “Company”), expert in unstructured data management and digital solutions leader in the region, participated in Seminar about SaaS solutions’ expansion to Southeast Asia.

This event took place at Le Meridien hotel in Seoul, South Korea, and its purpose was sharing strategies for SME (small and medium enterprises) that are interested in advancing to Southeast Asian countries with their SaaS products. The spotlight was on special cases of companies that successfully entered the market and are engaged in strong on-going projects through collaboration with Naver Cloud Platform (NCP).

(Rex Yu, I-ON Communications’ Director of Service Platform Division)

I-ON Communications had the honor to be the first to hold a presentation at the event as one of the companies that is working on a project with a Singaporean firm through cooperation with Naver Cloud Platform. Rex Yu, Director of Service Platform Division at I-ON Communications, presented the case of eForm, Korea’s first electronic signature service, and explained about the Company’s overseas project and its global strategy. The seminar participants could also hear about the ASEAN market insights and learn new things about computing, cloud services and system integration.

“Our eForm business has been going strong in Korea since 2012 and was launched in Singapore, Malaysia and South Africa in 2019. This is just a start, the business is quickly growing and we plan to expand to Japan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand and Europe very soon,” said Rex Yu.