06 Dec, 2019

[News] I-ON Communications, Energy ICT leader, acquires patents for the Energy sector

I-ON Communications Co., Ltd. (“I-ON”, “Company”), an expert in developing enterprise-level data management software, has been active in the Energy business for several years already and is dominating the market in Korea and Asia. With a wide range of solutions, I-ON is involved in diverse energy projects around the globe with local partners, industry leaders and government organizations. Last October, the Company has been approved a total of three patents for the domestic market. I-ON’s newest patents include “Visitor seat finding system and method for IoT theaters”, “Solar panel inspection method using drones” and “Server and utilization management of distributed resources, including micro-grid power trading system”.

“Visitor seat finding system and method for IoT theaters” is a technology that allows its users to easily find their reserved seat using IoT devices in theaters and cinemas. The light board from seat will reflect light that will lead the person straight to their seat even in a dark environment without having to check the row and seat numbers.

Last July, the Company acquired a patent for “Solar panel fault detection system using big data”, and in October completed it with “Solar panel inspection method using drones” patent. When a fault occurs in a local solar panel, it lowers the power generation efficiency and also affects the surrounding panels which is why a prompt detection and replacement is crucial. I-ON technology can assign an ID to each panel and accurately locate the faulty solar panels by using big data. This technology quickly detects the faulty panels by collecting the ID information of the panels that need inspection and sending drones over to get the footage and transmit it to the central server. 

I-ON’s patent for “Server and utilization management of distributed resources, including micro-grid power trading system” confirms the Company’s strong position in the energy ICT market as this technology informs consumers of electricity usage and real-time rate information which encourages users to voluntary participate in energy saving.

I-ON Energy Business potential and success was recognized by the public and last September, the Company has been chosen as one of the Top 10 Utilities Technology Solution Providers in the Asia-Pacific region for 2019 in the Utilities Tech Outlook magazine. As an expert in energy data management and numerous on-going projects at home and abroad, I-ON Communications also got a special segment in the magazine where the Company’s CEO James Oh got featured giving an introduction of the I-ON Energy Solutions.

(I-ON Communications’ CEO James Oh)

With local partners and government entities, I-ON is participating in VPP (Virtual Power Plant) project in Korea, Malaysia, Thailand and Japan; V2G (Vehicle2Grid) and ETS (Energy Transaction System) projects in Korea and UK; and DR (Demand Response) and Fast DR projects in Korea, Japan, UK and Thailand. The Company continues to be innovative and develop agile and scalable solutions for their clients as it expands its services to more countries around the world.