12 Aug, 2019

[News] I-ON Communications was selected as a sports company leader

Last June 18, I-ON Communications Co., Ltd. (“I-ON”, “The Company”), an expert in unstructured data management based in Seoul, South Korea, was selected as a leader among sports companies in South Korea by Korea Sports Promotion Foundation in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

This year, 6 Korean sports companies were chosen for the “Leading Sports Company” business and I-ON was selected as the leader with the highest ability to advance and reach their full potential in the overseas market. I-ON was the only company in the IT sector among the companies chosen for this business this year and other than the recognition, I-ON also received funding in the amount of approximately USD 230,000 for a 3 year long project and will use the financing for overseas market development, business advancement and international marketing with the goal to further advance into USA Sports Tech market with its Sports Data Platform.

The Company has proved itself as unstructured data management expert with its extensive list of data management software solutions and has managed to reach the leading position in Korea and Japan in Content Management System domain. Sports Tech, one of I-ON’s main business areas, is a fairly new business field for The Company but I-ON has been getting a lot of attention in this area in the country and abroad because of its advanced video analysis technology that can collect and analyze diverse data about the game and players. This has also brought the attention of Don Yee, a successful NFL agent working with internationally renowned NFL quarterback Tom Brady. Don Yee created a development league of American football called Pacific Pro Football, and will use I-ON Communications’ sports technology for the league’s operation, website development and player, coach and audience analytics. With this reference, I-ON is expanding its sports business in the USA with the goal to provide its Sports Data Platform to youth sports teams. Analyzed data would be used by sports agents for scouting talented players, coaches could have better insights into the players’ performance while family and friends could stay closely connected to their loved one’s athletic development.

“This isn’t the first time that I-ON has received a recognition from a government agency, but it is the first time that we are being selected as a leader in the Sports sector which is a very meaningful milestone for I-ON considering we have just recently entered the sports tech market” stated Jeff Ahn, Head of Event Tech Department at I-ON Communications. “We are providing our sports solutions to 3x3 basketball league, Korean amateur baseball league, American Football league in the US, various youth sports teams in the country and this is just the beginning. We plan to use the business support we got in the best way possible to extend our presence in the US and establish our position as one of the global sports tech leaders.”