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I-ON Content Server

Content Management System
ICS is a content management system that helps reduce the burden of website management by separating the vast amounts of ever-growing enterprise website content into a physical directory structure and a logical site structure, and by providing one-stop management of various content and additional information in various files.
Key Benefits
  • Content creation with no HTML knowledge
    ICS features a powerful web editor built with usability in mind.
    A high-quality webpage, which combines the logo, image files, etc., included in the template can be created simply by entering the text of the information source without any HTML knowledge
  • Content creation without depending on the work of others
    ICS clearly separates the website production process into the work done by content authors, web managers, designers, programmers, etc., allowing everyone to work simultaneously without depending on the work of others. This ensures a high level of productivity in content creation.
  • Content release and posting time and period setting
    ICS6 supports automatic deployment of content by setting the release time and post duration in various combinations of days, hours, minutes, etc. This means that the web managers no longer have to stay up late at night just to update the content on time. Also, it is possible to use a web browser to remotely send a deploy command, which is processed in background.
  • Error prevention with automatic link generation
    Changing links on a page where the content has changed can be a very tedious task. When content is registered or deleted, ICS6 automatically analyzes the correlation to the site and generates or deletes the links automatically. This also prevents errors that could be caused by incorrect links or page deletions.



Much easier to use compared to the competition with ongoing efforts of continuous improvements and upgrades by listening carefully to the feedbacks from loyal customers for over 10 years. Web-based UI (User Interface) and easy use for anyone with experience in category tree and dashboard Admin tool.

Fundamental functions
for CMS
Response to complicated service and manage various content lifecycle (content registration/Edit/ Delete/Copy/Move) through flexible category management function.
Provide elementary CMS functions like “content preview”, that shows registered content and library service as a real service.

Quick service
Create a HTML file by combining content/design/programming elements entered in CMS. Create pages including program code, minimize interwork with useless DB, and reduce subordinate on service server is available depending on needs.

Solid service with
stable deploy
Data transfer communicates with a deploy module and its receiver (I-ON Deploy Server) for distributing between CMS system and Web server. At this point, quick deploy is possible by compressing file, and when a problem occurs, safe transmission is ensured by using security algorithm when transmitting and handling transaction.

Web servicing cannot tag along with only content’s title and context. Therefore it needs a tool to express various content properties. I-ON Content Server supports ActionField to design content’s metadata visually rather than just title and context.

I-ON Content Server supports Meta tag (ActionTag) that enables the easiest CMS template work in the industry.
With one day training, creating CMS template is easy, if needed, a quick and strong support is provided.

Embedded visual web editor
I-ON Content Server embedded the industry-leading Namo Cross Editor engine from Namo Interactive, which enables to create optimized content under web standard. It is JavaScript-based web editor which is embedded in I-ON Content Server.

Authority system
In general, it requires a large number of work forces in order to run a complicated web service. These man forces can be content manager, designer, developer and system administrator, and it is essential to have the right person in the right place. I-ON Content Server offers diverse authority system for individual access by functional level.

Approval Flow
Support up to 10-step approval flow when content is created and go through the approval process in the system. Each step can assign appropriate user as well as multiple approvers if various level of process is needed.

I-ON Content Server supports trace system that records all major activities in CMS. A record presenting who, when and what was done is provided, therefore it is possible to clarify responsibilities and understand in one blink how much investment has been used in the organization.

Preview Editing
Check contents through “preview” function of content structure element. No need to go back to original window, edit directly in the preview screen.

Manage multiple website
with one system
Manage multiple websites with one system under maintaining web governance. However, it may limit license contract and resource in scope.

Support Multilanguage
Support UTF-8 and many language as a basic. With multi-language support, ICS can build not only Korean website, but also English, Japanese, and Chinese website at ease.

Content hub
Communicate between CMS and data from external database and file system. It is mainly used for simple DB migration or deploying contents from CMS to external file system.

Provide API
I-ON Content Server supports a considerable number of functions in WebService, REST API format in order to integrate with external system. This interface smoothens the integration with legacy system when it refers external data or retrieve data from external system.
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